Full Spectrum Emotion Research Services

NeuroProfile™ is a full spectrum emotion research firm using front line technology, research grade equipment, and techniques tailored to your needs and your consumers in a quick, efficient and scientifically reliable way

Satisfaction guaranteed by our team of knowledgeable and experienced researchers and engineers. We provide case-by-case solutions customized to your needs. The goal is maximized efficiency leading to successful results

Experienced Professionals

NeuroProfile is a team of professionals with strong academic and commercial background. Experienced in combining various data, we ensure effective results

Combining Multiple Methods

Our patent pending NeuroFilm™ and NeuroProfile™ products combine biometrics with self-reports, providing a wide-spectrum of consumer data

Wide Range of Applications

With our unique and comprehensive, yet user-friendly and simple presentations, you will find easy to understand results that are directly applicable to your needs

Innovative Methodology

We provide scientifically reliable services leading to actionable results

Our methods and tools are continuously upgraded to the latest technology

Contact Us

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